What We Believe

The Scriptures

We believe the Bible is God’s holy inspired word, which has been preserved and serves as man’s supreme and final authority.  We believe the King James Version is the Word of God for the English-speaking people.

The Godhead

There is only one true and living God existing in three persons – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  Each is a distinct person but of one essence and having the same perfections and divine attributes.  Each is worthy of the highest love, reverence, and obedience.  Each member in the Godhead was present in the eternal past and shall be present in the eternal future. 

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is the Son of God. In His incarnation He was conceived of the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary.  Jesus Christ became man without sin to secure the salvation for all who will believe in the Gospel.  He shed His blood on the cross of Calvary as a vicarious substitute, was buried and rose again bodily.  After a witnessed resurrection, He ascended to the Father and sits at His right hand making eternal intercession for His people. 


Man is a direct creation of God – body, soul and spirit.  He was created in the image of God and not the result of evolution in any sense.  Adam, the first man, sinned by disobedience.  This act resulted in the legal fall of mankind and incurred both physical and spiritual death for all.


All who receive Jesus Christ as Savior by faith are born again by the Holy Spirit and thus become children of God.  Eternal life through Christ is the gift of God for all who repent of sin and believe in the only begotten of the Heavenly Father. Repentance and grace are two inseparable graces wrought in the soul by the quickening of the Spirit of God.  Salvation involves grace, repentance, forgiveness, redemption, regeneration, justification, sanctification and glorification. 

Eternal Security

Once saved, always saved.  Salvation is a gift of grace from the Lord for all who believe by faith and is sustained by the Lord.

Christian Works

Salvation is secured by faith alone.  However, faith is never found alone.  Faith is accompanied by Christian works.  All true believers are servants for the Lord Jesus Christ.  It is by our works that we show our love and faith in Him.

Priesthood Of Believers

The priesthood of all believers is such that every Christian has direct access to God in prayer through Jesus Christ our great High Priest and only mediator between God and man. 


God is the source of all blessings, temporal and spiritual.  All that we have and are we owe to Him. Christians should contribute their time, talents, gifts, and resources for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.  The tithe or liberal (grace) giving is to be considered a beginning in stewardship.

Second Coming

There will be a literal pre-millennial, pre-tribulational return of Jesus Christ in the clouds known as the rapture of His people.  At this event, the dead in Christ and living believers shall be caught up to meet Him in the air.  At the end of a seven year tribulation, Christ shall visibly descend with the saints to establish His earthly millennial kingdom.  


Satan was originally created a perfect being.  He rebelled against God. As a result, he became depraved and was cast out from heaven with many angels who also fell.  Satan has been judged and defeated at the cross and awaits his ultimate doom at the Second Advent of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Hell is a literal everlasting place of fire, sufferings, despair, and judgment for all people who do not place their personal faith in the atoning, finished work of Christ Jesus for their salvation. Hell was intended for Satan and the fallen angels.

The Lord’s Day

The first day of the week is the Lord’s Day.  It commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ our Lord and should be set apart for regular observance of worship and spiritual devotion, both public and private.

The Local Church

A New Testament Church is a local Body of baptized believers with Jesus Christ as its head and the Holy Spirit as its guide.  The local Church is to be governed independently of outside persons, groups or authorities.  The Church is committed to His teachings, exercising the gifts and privileges invested in them by His word.  The purpose of the Church is to fulfill the great commission of our Lord. 

Church Ordinances

The local Church observes two ordinances – water baptism and the Lord’s Supper.


God created the universe apart from preexisting materials and without any evolutionary process.  The first eleven chapters of Genesis are to be taken as literal history.  

Religious Liberty

Religious liberty is given by the authority of God. While God has ordained the existing governmental powers, man’s highest authority is the Word of God.  Therefore, the Church is free from all commandments of men that are in conflict with the Word of God. 


The Church is in no way to be confused with the prophecies regarding Israel and its restoration to God.  The Church in no way substitutes the Nation of Israel. 

Human Sexuality

God has commanded that no intimate sexual activity be engaged in outside of a marriage between one man and one woman.  We believe that any form of homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, bestiality, incest, fornication, adultery, and pornography are sinful perversions of God’s gift of sex.  We believe that God disapproves of and forbids any attempt to alter one’s gender by surgery or appearance.

Be Sure You Are Going to Heaven.

1. All have sinned.
Rom 3:23  For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;

2. The penalty for sin is death.
Rom 6:23a  For the wages of sin is death;

3. Jesus died to pay for your sins.
Rom 5:8  But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

4. Repent and be saved today.
Rom 10:13  For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

Heavenly Father, please forgive me for my sins.  I want to turn my life over to You.  I invite Jesus, who died for my sins, into my heart to save me now.  In Jesus name, Amen.

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